1.Go to ‘Marketing’ > ‘Broadcast’ and click the ‘Create New’ drop-down. To create a new email broadcast, choose ‘Email Broadcast


  1. You may also go the Email Broadcast tab and click ‘Create New’.


  1. Type the name of your Email Broadcast and click ‘Next’.


  1. Find the contacts that you would like to send the broadcast to. If you have saved list inside Prospect Rocket then click the ‘Add List’ button and choose a list.


  1. Beside the ‘Add List’ function is the ‘Search’ function which lets you search for a specific contact.


  1. You can also apply filters here and open the search column and apply the filters the same as you apply in the contacts section to filter down your list.

image24.png image19.png

🛈 From here, you can select the contact that you want by clicking the checkbox on each contact. If you want to select them all, click the select all checkbox which is the top most checkbox. Once you are done, click ‘
Save’. You will now see the number of contacts in your search.

You can do multiple searches and add a list at the same time and it will add the number of leads together to get your total amount of contacts to be included inside of the broadcast.

image8.png image17.png

    7. Next set up the information for the actual broadcast. On the Profile field, select which email         profile will be sent out. You can select your Cold Marketing Emails or your Warm Optin Emails.


  1. Type your "Reply to Email". This is where you want to receive replies from the people who replied from the email broadcast. Once you are done, type the Sender Name which will show up in the inbox as the name of the person who sent the email.


  1. Next, add your Subject Line. You can add 3 different Subject Lines here by just typing the information in the first, second, and third Subject Lines.


  1. Next, put in your email content under Email Content 1 and a separate split testing email content under email content 2 if desired.

🛈 Use the ‘Spam Check’ tool to check the words in your content that might be spam.



🛈 You can also add tokens to create and personalize your message.


  1. Set when your email will be sent out. You can send the broadcast now or schedule it depending on when you want it to be sent out.


Keep in mind that the time here is the time in your settings section and not the actual time zone of the contact so make sure that you account for time zones if you are sending to people in different time zones.


  1. If you have created single email templates, they will show up here. If you click on the drop-down, you will see the list of all the templates that you have. By choosing a template, it will automatically replace your copy and go ahead and fill in the copy of the template.


  1. To test your email click the paper airplane icon (image22.png). You can choose which Subject and Body that you want to use for your test email as well as selecting the Example Contact to fill in the token information. Once done, select whom you want to send the test email to be clicking the corresponding checkbox. You may also use a specific email if you want to.



  1. To see the preview of your email click the view icon (image9.png). You can choose an example contact to fill in the token information




  1. Use the Paper icon (image18.png) if you have a custom subject line and email copy that you would like to create a template of. When you are saving your template, just go ahead and type the name of your template and choose whether you want that template to show up for yourself or for your entire team and click ‘Save’.



When creating a template, we will only save the first subject line and the first email content. 



After you have created your template, it will show up in the template drop-down. You can also see it when you go to ‘
Messaging’ > ‘Templates’. Keep in mind that single email templates are different from email sequence templates so you will not see the same template in each area.