The Facebook Rep Video Cover is specially designed and formatted to fit Facebook's new video cover feature. These specialized Rep Videos are downloaded to your computer and manually uploaded to your clients' Facebook Cover.

Please note, creating a Facebook Rep Video Cover will cost one additional Rep Video credit.

Complete the following steps to create a video Facebook Social Cover using Rep Videos:

Step 1. Select the Company whose Facebook Social Cover you need to replace with a Rep Video from the Dashboard.

Step 2. Create a video by clicking the New Video button.

Step 3. Follow the 3 step set up by choosing a Review and Style and Adding the video to the production.

Creating a video, Facebook Social Cover will cost an additional credit.

Step 4. Once you created the video, click Create the FB Cover from the Production Scheduled actions. 

Step 5. When the video has been created, you will receive an email, and you will be able to download your video from the Actions on Produced Videos dashboard.

A video Facebook Social Cover can take up to 24 hours to create.

Step 6. Click the Download Facebook RepVideo Cover button. 

Uploading Facebook Rep Video Cover to Facebook

Once you downloaded the video, upload it to the Facebook Page of your choice. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the page of your choice and upload a video in a post.

Step 2: Fill out the details for the video: Title, Description, Tags and then click Publish.

Step 3: Select the Video to show on the cover of the page by clicking the Edit button on the cover.

Step 4: Choose your video from the dropdown.

Step 5: Choose the video that you'd like to show on the cover.

Step 6: Review the cover and click the Save Changes button. 

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