In this article we will go over the Content Offer set up step by step. 

Learn about your Bonus Social Offers and Offers Overview.

Finding Your Social Offers Dashboard

Step 1. From the main dashboard, click Businesses.

Step 2. Select a company from the lists of active businesses.

Step 3. Click the Social Offers tab.

Step 4. You will now see the Social Offers Dashboard and can start setting up your Content Offer.

Offer Wizard Step 1: Select a Campaign Type

Step 1. From the Social Offers Dashboard, click the + New Offer Campaign drop-down and select Content Offer Campaign.

Step 2. Select your option for the type of the campaign: 

There are 3 types of campaigns: 

- AI Generated campaign 

- Templated campaigns 

- Blank Page 

AI Generated Campaigns

Step 1: Add Campaign Name: 

Step 2: Select the Type of your campaign 

Step 3: Create Content Campaign Set up

- Write down the Product / Service name 

- Add a brief description of your offer 

Step 4: Click AI button to make the descritpion engaging 

You will see the result and would be able to edit the description if needed. 

Step 5: 

You can either select  start an offer from scratch or select a template. 

You can choose any of the templates for the following niches: 

DentistTeeth WhiteningTeeth CleaningFirst Time Patient
HvacAir ConditioningFurnaceMaintenance
VeterinarianPet CarePet BoardingVaccinations
ChiropractorPain ReliefPreventative CareAdjustments
Auto RepairOil ChangeTire ServiceTune Up
Spa Health & BeautyMassageManicureHair
LawyerWillReal Estate Personal Injury
EyecareEye ExamEye SurgeryEyewear

The templates will have the discounts, the offer details, time frames and images already uploaded. 


Step 3. To choose a template, hover your mouse over the template of your choice and click Select.

Once you have selected a template from the wizard step 1, you will be redirected to Campaign Details setup. 

To start an offer from scratch, click the Use This Template to Start From Scratch option. 

Offer Wizard Step 2: Review or Fill Out the Campaign Details

If you selected to start the campaign from scratch, you will have to fill all the details manually. If you selected a template, then the only field you need to update will be the Campaign name. You can also review the preset details and adjust them as you see fit.

Complete the following steps to set up a campaign:

Step 1. Type your campaign name.

Step 2. Set up the Campaign Schedule. Whether it's a week, a month or larger time frame the posts will be going out within that time frame. 

Step 3. Decide if you need for this campaign to have limited spots and, if so, how many spots you need for this campaign.

Limited spots is the option that would enable the evergreen countdown timer on the Optin Page for the Offer or the limits the number of spots, which introduces the principle of scarcity. The principle of scarcity is a powerful psychological tool that makes the product more attractive if the product will not be available for long.

Step 4. Select a product or service and type of offer from the drop-down lists.

Type a new product or service if your product or service is not present in the drop-down list.

Step 5. Choose your offer's discount type.

You have two choices here: Percentage and Fixed amount. When you will be selecting the Percentage discount type, you will have to type in the regular price of your offer and its corresponding discounted price. The percentage will be automatically computed.

Step 6. Type the regular and sale price of your product or service.

Step 7. Select a date your offer is valid until.

Step 8. Select a redemption process, which is either a coupon code or URL. If you selected a coupon code, type the coupon code. If you selected a URL, type, or paste the URL.

Step 9. Decide if your campaign needs a redemption button.

The Redemption button will be the button on your Redemption page that your client can click to redeem the coupon on mobile devices on their customers.

Step 11. Click Next Step

Offer Wizard Step 3: Review the Offer Posts

Successfully setting up your Campaign Setup will lead you to the next wizard, which is the Offer Posts setup. This next step of the wizard lets you edit the posts that are going out for the posting offers.

Complete the following steps to set up an offer page:

Step 1. Depending on how many posts you have selected to be featured, you will have these posts in this area.

The posts will be already written for you whether you selected to create the offer from scratch or selected a template.

Step 2. To edit a post, click on the edit icon.

Step 3. You can also use more tokens to update your post.

Enable the Preview Token toggle to view how it is going to look like when the tokens are added.

Step 4. If you want to add more posts, make sure that you are in the New Post tab.

The max amount of posts you can have is twelve.

Step 5. Type the content of your post and click Add.

Step 6. You can also edit the times on when you want to post on the social media. 

Step 7. Next, match each post with the Post Image.

 If you are working with a template, the images are already going to be uploaded. If not, you would have to upload images.

Hover your mouse over the image thumbnail and click the edit icon.

Step 8. Go to the My Gallery tab and select the image that you want to share.

Step 9. If you wish to upload your image, click the Upload button.

Step 10. Once it is uploaded, adjust your desired aspect ratio and click Insert.

It is important to update each post’s image because it is the only way the posting is going out.

Step 11. Once you have updated the images, you can preview the post by clicking the view icon. 

Viewing the post will let you see the actual post from the preview window.

Step 12. To preview all posts, click the Preview All Post button.

Step 13. Once you are done updating your posts, click Next Step.

This last step of the wizard lets you add links in your buttons to either claim your offer or redirect them to a site. Aside from setting up your buttons, you can also redirect your customer to your Thank You page.

You can learn how add links in your buttons or set up a redirect in this article.

Offer Wizard Step 4: Update the Opt-In Page

On the third step you will be able to update the Opt-In Page.

You will be able to update the header, the Content, Offer Details, Text Blocks.

To access the block's control, click the cogwheel icon beside the block you want to set up.

Each block on the page will have its controls:

You can also edit the text on the page which is updated in real time.

Once you update the updates necessary, click the Next button.

Learn more details about the Opt-in Page details here.

Offer Wizard Step 5: Update Thank You Page

On the next step you will be able to review and update your Thank you page. 

Complete the following steps to set up a Thank You Page:

Step 1. Select Internal or Redirect as your page type.

The redirect will allow you to send the users to a custom opt-in page or a website of your choice.

Step 2. Type in your new Instruction Text.

If you want to hide any elements, click the eyeball icon.

Step 3. To enable the explainer video element, click the eyeball icon.

Step 4. Hover your mouse over the element on the preview window and click the Update button.

Step 5. Click the Add Video button.

Step 6. Paste the Vimeo or YouTube link of your video. Once you are done, click Save.

Step 7. You can use two buttons, which you can add your redirects. For demonstration purposes, we will be using both.

Step 8. To start editing your first button, click the Edit Link.

Step 9. Paste the button link redirect and click Save.

Step 10. If you don’t want to use this button, click the eyeball icon.

Step 11. To change the button’s color, click the Button Color element tile.

Step 12. Select a color and click Save.

Step 13. Repeat the steps above for your second button.

Step 14. Type in the contents of your Content Box.

Step 15. To hide this element, click the eyeball icon.

Step 16. Save your page.

Step 17. Once you are done, click Next.

Setting Up a Redirect Page

Complete the following steps to set up a Redirect Page:

Step 1. Select Redirect as your page type

Step 2. Type in your Thank You Page URL.

Step 3. Save your page and click Next  

Offer Wizard Step 6: Update the Redemption Page (Coupon)

You will be redirected to the Redemption page next (Coupon). It will have all the details in place now, so all you need to do is review the details and adjust if necessary.

To access the Redemption block's controls, click the cogwheel icon beside the block you want to set up.

You will find the following options that can be edited: 

All the text is also going to be real-time editable, just like the Optin Pages.

Once you reviewed the details, click Next.

Offer Wizard Step 7: Update the Confirmation Emails and SMS

Click Edit to update the Email Follow up:

Click Edit to update the SMS Follow up:

To send the SMS follow up, you will need to have the Twillio Integration set up for that business.

Once you are done your Confirmation Email and Confirmation SMS, click Next Step.

Offer Wizard Step 8: Automation

This step is optional if you would like to automate the follow up for every lead that received the coupon.

To use this module, you need to have an integration of an auto-responder of your choice.

Complete the following steps to set up automation:

Step 1. Name the Automation Campaign.

Step 2. Select the sequence from the integrated auto-responder.

Step 3. Select an Integration.

You can choose Infusionsoft, Aweber, Prospect Rocket, Get Response, Mailchimp if you have that integration set up.

Step 4. Select the Sequence from the dropdown list to which you would like to add a lead.

It can be a Newsletter campaign, a Conversion Campaign, any other campaign for your client.

Step 5. Decide how soon you want those emails to be sent to the lead. Once you are done, click Save

Step 6. Click Finish once you are done.

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