Broadcast Setup

The Broadcast Setup is where you begin to connect all of your Video-Sharing Sites together. 

How To Connect YouTube Account

Connecting your YouTube Account requires no technical background or expertise, just follow these few steps in order for you to successfully connect your account to Authority Videos.

1. Let’s pick YouTube-Account as our Account Type then name the account you will connect to and hit Connect.

2. Hit Connect if you’re ready to connect your account. If this is your first time to connect Authority Videos and YouTube Account, you’ll need to verify your account settings first in order to successfully upload your video in. You may check this link on how to verify your YouTube Account Settings: 

3. If your YouTube Account is verified, you will be asked to pick the account that Authority videos will access. You need to select the account that you want to connect then hit Accept to tell YouTube that we’re allowing our app to host videos.

4. Now on your Social Network Connect popup, hit OK Connect Me button.

5. Once you’ve successfully connected your YouTube account, it will now show up in the Connected Accounts section. You can click the Profile button to check your YouTube profile or if you ever wanted to remove your existing connected account, click Disconnect.