This article will discuss how you can select a Lead Magnet in Rep Kahuna.

There are multiple Lead magnets you can use to get more leads for your reputation Services: 

1. Free Reputation Guide on "Everything You MUST KNOW To Managing Your Online Reputation." 

2. Review Pop-ups (Review Widgets). 

3. Monitor 5 Sites, Alerts + Reporting for 30 days. 

4. Free Reputation Report - Local Analyzer 

get at

5. 5 Stars in 5 Days Program: Rep Kahuna Build Strategy:

6. 5 Star Sign In Strategy: Rep Kahuna Build Strategy:

7. Social Media Review Images: Rep Kahuna Marketing Strategy 

Get here:

8. 60 Second Review Commercials: Rep Videos Marketing Strategy

Get here: 

9. Customer Survey campaign: Rep Kahuna Feature

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