In this article we will talk about the best ways of attracting the leads and ultimately making sales. 

Attracting Leads With a Free Offer of Social Media Content 

First, it's important to have a great lead magnet. 

A great Lead Magnet creates the problem that your service can solve. 

For Bright Social the Lead Magnet is the Social Media Content for a certain amount of days. It could be 15 posts, 30 posts, 60 post depending on your preferences. The most popular Lead Magnet would be a 30 day package with 30 posts that follow the Social Media Engagement Recipe:

Social Media Lead Magnet creates the following problems: 

1. Social Media content needs to be posted on multiple social media outlets

2. Social media content needs to be branded 

Giving away a FREE offer of 30 days of Social Media Content is a powerful foot-in-the-door strategy that will give you immediate results. There are a few ways you can carry out the FREE offer give away. 

1. Post an announcement on your social media with a Social Media Secret Message:

2. Set up Lead Gen Campaigns and start reaching out to people you know

3. Send a link to your Landing Page to leads you find

You can also follow the other strategies on giving away the Social Media Content Lead Magnet in our Quickstart training or the step - by - step process in our "How the Land Customers with Bright Social" Map.

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