In this article, we will talk about the ways of uploading the video into the posts in Bright Social.

Uploading Video to a Single Post

When editing a Single-post, you will be able to upload a link to a Youtube video or a Vimeo video when updating the image for the post. 

To enter the video link, follow these steps: 

Step 1. Navigate to Single Post.

Step 2. Type in your message and click Upload Image.

Step 3. Click the Video tab.

Step 4. Navigate to the My Gallery tab and click Add Video.

Step 5. Paste the Vimeo or a Youtube link.

Step 6. Click Save and continue with scheduling the post.

Learn more about Scheduling a Single Post here.

Uploading Video to a Posts on Multi-Post

Step 1. Click Multi Post to upload the Package. 

Step 2. Follow the steps of uploading the package and review the content in the scheduler. 

Learn more about Multi-Post set up here.

Step 3. Click Edit to update or replace the image with a video.

Step 4. Hover over the image to replace with the video.

Step 5. Click the Video tab.

Step 6. Navigate to My Gallery to start uploading the video. 

Step 7. Click Add Video to enter the Youtube or Vimeo link. 

Step 8. Enter the link for Youtube or Vimeo to finalize the setup and save. 

Updating the Scheduled Posts to Replace the Image with a Video 

Step 1. Select a business from the list of active businesses.

Step 2. Click the Content Schedule tab.

Step 3. Find the content that has been scheduled on the Content Schedule panel then click the Edit Post icon.

Step 4. Hover over the image and click Update.

Step 5. Navigate to the My Gallery tab and click Add Video.

Step 6. Paste the Youtube or Vimeo link of  the video and click Save.

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