In this article, we will talk about how to add a logo to the business account and apply the logos to the images on the posts for branding.


Step 1: Click the Upload button to upload a Logo Image 

Step 2: Select the logo from your files

Step 3: Once selected, the logo will load up in the logo editor and automatically will remove the background so you can create a PNG file with the transparent background

Note: You can adjust the transparancy by adding or removing the details by clicking the green plus sign to add background and 

red "minus" sign to remove background. 

Step 4: Click Done to save your progress

Once you saved the logo, the system would create the Bright Logo version and the Dark logo version to be used on images. You can review the created versions of the logo and adjust them. 

Step 1: To adjust the Bright Logo version, click "Bright Logo" tab: 

If the logo needs to be adjusted, click Edit Logo: 

Step 2: Then navigate to the Colors tab 

Step 3: Adjust the colors to create the bright version of the logo 

Note: To create a white copy set the Brightness to +100 and set the Shadows to +100 


Step 1: To adjust the Bright Logo version, click "Dark Logo" tab: 

Step 2: Click "Edit" to adjust the colors of the logo if you'd like to change it. 

Step 3: Select the Colors Tab: 

Step 4: Adjust the Shadows and Highlights to make the logo colors darker or brighter. 

Note: To create a white copy set the Shadows to +100 and set the Highlights to -100

Step 5: Save your settings by clicking Ok and Done

You will be able to enable to logos on the Multi-post and Single Post as well as when editing the scheduled posts.

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