This article describes how to add Multicity back to Lead Kahuna after it may have been lost in an upgrade.

Lead Kahuna Training

How do I Add Multicity? 

You need to have a Mastermind account to add multicity in Lead Kahuna. If you have a Mastermind account, when you click Settings, you should see Mastermind in your list of active subscriptions.

If you do not have a Mastermind account, contact us at with your Mastermind email address or any additional Lead Kahuna subscriptions. 

Complete the following steps to add multicity to Lead Kahuna:

  1. From the Dashboard, click Local Leads
  2. Type your keyword or niche. 
  3. Click the plus icon (). 
  4. Add up to ten (10) cities. 
    💡 We recommend using proxies for best results. Click here to learn how to add a proxy to and use a proxy in Lead Kahuna.
  5. Click Save
  6. Click Find Leads.