In this article, we will show how to create content packages using custom RSS Feeds. 

Content Designer makes it easy to source content for Post Packages. Complete the following steps to source content for Post Packages:

Step 1. From the main dashboard, click Content Designer.

Step 2. Select a Content Package from the drop-down 

Step 3. Or Click Create New Package.

Step 4. Select the Package that you have just created and choose a Content Source.

Select a Content Source:

Step 5. Create a new Content Source by clicking My Feeds

Then look up the RSS feed on google search for the category you are interested in:

Copy and paste the link to the RSS feed that you want to use:

To make sure it's a correct link, click on it and see what the result looks like. It has to be an XML file:

Step 6. Choose the Add Content Source.

Step 7. Select either an Existing Category or Create a New Category. 

Fill out the details for the resource and enter the RSS Feed URL you copies into the RSS Feed URL field:

If the link is correct, it will show you the verification that the RSS is valid. If not, it will say "Invalid RSS URL."

Click Save to load the content up.

Step 8. Review articles that loaded up and use various actions to manage the content. 

You will be able to do a number of actions:

Click Edit Post to update the message and the image:

Click Save Content to add it to the package.

You can also add multiple articles by checking the checkboxes on the left and clicking the Add to Package button.


Step 9. Once you added the content to the package, you will find it in the library:

Once you added the content to the package, you will find it in the library:

Step 10. Use the different Actions to manage your content.

Step 11. Once you view a post (Actions > View Package), you can edit it by clicking the Edit Post tab.

Step 12. Make your necessary changes and click Save.

Use Tokens to further customize your post.

Step 13. Review all the posts from the package that you selected.

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