To ensuring your Confirmation Emails in Funnel Pages are not sent to spam, follow these steps:

 Accessing Email Setup and Configuring SPF Record

  Confirmation Emails are sent out using the email that is set up from the ‘Setup’ tab. To access this, go to ‘Email Setup’.


  1.  Funnel Pages can either use its own email server (Funnel Pages Email) or your own email account. To use your own email account, click ‘My Email Service’.


  1.  Select your Email Provider and enter your credentials.


We currently support these email providers:


  1.  Click ‘Advance’ and connect your email via SMTP. Once you are done, click ‘Save’.

Note: Before you do this step, make sure that the SPF Record for Funnel Pages is configured into that domain. An SPF Record is a record of all the email servers allowed to send out emails through your domain.


  1.  To set up your SPF Record, log in to your DNS Manager and click ‘Manage DNS’.

In this example, we are currently using GoDaddy’s Domain Settings.


  1.  Click ‘Add’.


  1.  Set it to these values:


Once you are done, click ‘Save’.


  1.  Keep in mind that you can only have one SPF Record. If you have SPF Record for Google and SPF Record for Funnel Pages, you can combine them into one SPF Record. 

To start combining them, click the edit icon of Google’s SPF Record.



  1.  Paste ‘~a +mx +ip4:’ after the value and click ‘Save’.


  1.  You now have both Google’s SPF Record and Funnel Page’s SPF Record on your Domain Settings.



Setting Up Your Own Email Service


  1.  Click the ‘My Email Service’ tab and select an Email Provider.


  1.  Type the Sender Name and your credentials.


  1.  SMTP servers are usually auto-populated if it is not please check it with your email provider and get the information from them. Once you are done, click ‘Save’.

You now start sending Confirmation Emails using Funnel Pages.