Inside of Prospect Rocket, all of your sequences will show in the Marketing area. You can navigate to the Marketing area via the “Marketing” button on the left-hand navigation bar. 

In this area, you will see all of the Sequences you have created. To create a new sequence, click on +Add Sequence, you can build a sequence from scratch, duplicate and existing sequence or create one from a Template

By clicking the “Template” tab at the top you can see all templates you have in the system. 

There are three types of templates you will find in this area:

  1. Personal templates are templates that you have created either from scratch or from previous campaigns you have run
  2. Shared Templates are templates that have been shared to you by other users in your account
  3. Admin Templates are sequences that have been provided for you by default in the system

By clicking the filter buttons on the left-hand side you can sort and find any templates that you have created or have been provided for you. 

If you click on the Automation tab on the Left Handle panel, you can create Campaigns using the visual builder. Campaigns are a series of sequences linked together via Automations.  

Any Sequences you create from within the Campaign builder, will also show under marketing