This article demonstrates how to create an Order Page from an Instant Block. To do so, follow these steps:


Creating An Order Page


  1.  From the Instant Block section, click ‘Order Form’.

Note: Order Pages require an Order Form.


  1.  Drag and Drop the form into the page editor.


  1.  The Instant Block is already configured for you. This already contains several elements that you can change at any time you want to.

To set up the Order Form, click the cog icon.


  1.  Type the name of the form.


  1.  Select a URL Redirect Option.

Here’s a brief overview of each option:


  1.  Select the Next Funnel Step and click ‘Next’.

Depending on what URL Redirect Option you have selected, this part might change. If you have selected a Custom URL, you will be asked to enter the URL.


  1.  This next wizard lets you change the different fields in this section including the fields that you want to display and even arranging each section (Personal Information, Credit Card Information, and Order Summary) here.

Once you are done setting up the fields here, click ‘Next’.


  1.  Set up the Confirmation Page. Enable the ‘Send Email’ toggle and writing both your email’s Subject and Body if you want to send a Confirmation Email to an individual.

Once you are done, click ‘Next’.


  1.  (Optional) Add an Automation and click ‘Save’.


Note: You can only add an Automation if you have already set up your Integration in Funnel Pages.

Learn how to set up your Integration in this article.


  1.  You can now see that you have successfully set up your Order Page, the next step is to save the page that you just created.


Testing Page


  1.  From the Page Dashboard, click ‘View Page’.


  1.  Provide all the necessary information and click ‘Submit Form’.


  1.  Go back your Page Dashboard and click ‘Contacts’.


  1.  From here, you will see the order that was submitted.