Requesting a Done With You (DWY) Sessions is fast and easy! In just a few quick steps you can let us know exactly what you need help with, and we will get you schedule with just the right person. 

Tip: We want to be sure you are using your credits or available sessions ONLY for things that actually require a session. We know your time is valuable, so when in doubt, you can contact Customer Success to see if you truly need a session or if we can address your needs in a quick ticket. 

What is a DWY Session? 

There are three different types of session:

Once you know the type and objective of your session, you're ready to request. 

How To Request a DWY Session 

Step 1: Log into your account at , using the SAME username and password combination you use to access your members area training and software portal. 

Step 2: Click on Available Session Credits

Here you will be able to:

Step 3: Select Your Credit Type 

There are several different types of credits:

If you have available credits in one of the areas above, simply select the appropriate schedule link for your credits.  

Of note: Your account must be in good standing in order to schedule your session(s).

No credits? No problem! You can also quickly and easily purchase credits at the bottom of that page. 

Please note: It can take up to 30 minutes from purchase for your newly purchased credits to show as visible in your Available Session Credits tab. 

Once you've filled out your submission request, it will be reviewed and assigned to the appropriate team member. If we have any questions prior to scheduling we will reach out to you at the contact details provided on your form. 

Hint: If you have more FAQ about the specific type of DWY credit or session, there are a series of FAQ on each of the DWY request forms.