Your Dashboard will look pretty empty right now, so let's take the time to create our first funnel in Funnel Pages!  The first funnel we recommend creating is your Agency Website

Your Agency Website template has been designed to support you in your marketing efforts based on our Professionally Designed Layout complete with images and our professionally designed content.  This Agency Website has a few placeholders that you will want to change, including your company name, phone number, email and working hours. You will also want to add real testimonials and your location.

We have created the Agency Website template to help you sell Traffic, Websites, Re-targeting, Reputation Marketing, Social Media,  Lead Generation, Video Marketing, and Marketing Automation. We have also included Free Offer Call to actions on the page. This also includes the workflow, all pages, and the pages have the layout, design, images, already set up for you.  All you have to do is personalize the pages.

The video below will take you through Step-by-Step to set up your Agency Website. 

It will cover:

  1. How to Create a Funnel
  2. How to find your Agency Website
  3. How to configure your Agency Website

To follow along with a written step by step guide, please see this article: Setting Up My Agency Website Step-by-Step Written Guide

Check out this video on how to setup your Agency Website.

Your next step is to white label the domain for your Agency Website.

Check out this article on how to setup your White Label Domain.