Setting Up An Off Center Interview

Position Camera At 12 O’clock

The first thing that we want you to do is to we wanna make sure that you understand setting things up. We’ll gonna look everything as a clock. On clock, the very top is called 12 o’clock, that’s where your camera is gonna be.

Position Light At 12 O’clock

If you have a light that’s gonna be at twelve o’clock too right behind the camera. Whether it's two or three feet really doesn't matter just put it behind the camera to give enough light on you if your office needs it.

Set Directly In Front Of Camera

You should set up directly up in front of the camera facing the camera. You should face the camera at 12 o’clock.

Position Script At 11 O’clock

We’re going to write and outline a script for you and play that script to the left or 11 o’clock of the camera itself. So from your seat you can read it. We want you to actually read the outline script as you go through it.

Points To Check

Here are some few points to check in order to make your video look like a Rock Star:

✓ Background Is Not Distracting

Make sure that your background is not distracting. So when you’re talking and reading your script you want everybody to focus on your words you as the expert not someone else or something else inside the frame or the video.

✓ HD Webcam Is At 12’ O'clock Position

Use an High Definition (HD) Webcam positioned at 12 o’clock.  

✓ Camera Is Eye Level

Make sure your camera is eye level.

✓ Light is At 12 O’clock Positioning

Make sure that the light at 12 o’clock positioned. You don’t want any shadows on your face, you want that light directly against you if you need extra light in the room.

✓ Interviewee is Rib Framed

Make sure that interviewee (which is you) is rib framed that means you need to make sure that you’re in frame center, put two fingers together over your head which will be the top of the frame and the bottom of the frame, make sure that your ribs are inside the frame.

✓ Script Is At 11 O’clock Positioning

Make sure that your script is 11 o’clock positioned just to the left or if you want just to the right (1 o’clock) of the actual camera. Then simply tilt yourself directly at your script.

Off Center Interview Examples

Here are some examples of  other CEOs we’ve interviewed

Off Center Interview Options

You have two options for the Off Center Interview:

Option 1

If you have your laptop or computer, put your camera right above the laptop then to the left of it. To the left of it, you can have your script outline.

Option 2

Get a small tripod at RadioShack or any type of office store that you can put your camera or webcam on and then put your laptop at 11 o’clock position which will serve as your tele proctor for all of your information.

Option 1 or Option 2 are great options to have and create a really authentic Off Center Interview script setup. These will be the position that we’re gonna be doing to get your video done so we can make you look like a Rock Star in this interview.