We've added a new feature to the Social Covers Leads Funnel - the ability to change the type of funnel to best convert your leads. Watch David show you how to best choose the right Funnel Type for your Landing Page: 

[00:00:01] Principle: Selecting the Best Funnel Type

Is one of the most important things you can do to convert your leads.

[00:00:06] Quick Tour: What's the Funnel Details and Choosing the Right Details is All About.

For cold traffic, getting the Optin first is important – because when you put the design first and if they get overwhelmed they'll never get to the second step and they never get that Lead.

Step 1: They would go to the landing page.

Step 2: They make a decision – to click an actual link to get our free cover.

[00:02:24] Quick Review: Lead Funnel Details

Choosing the right Funnel is important – because there's a lot of great options.

The good news is you don't have to change anything – we've set up your Funnel Details with the optimum opportunity for your leads to convert.

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