Google makes their choices about which videos to highlight, which is based on their terms. However, there are seven guidelines that help increase the odds of Google picking your video to highlight! These guidelines can help your Rep Videos be highlighted.

These seven guidelines are:

1. Publish your videos to YouTube and your website or your customer’s website. We recommend that you also publish your videos to all the social media networks for even more exposure. Click here to learn how to publish your Rep Videos to YouTube. 

2. Create a YouTube account if you do not already have one, and only posted the Rep Video on Dailymotion. Syndicate the Rep Video to your or your client’s YouTube channel. Be sure always to be involved in your customer’s conversations. Click here to learn how to link your YouTube and Rep Videos accounts. 

3. Use YouTube End Screen tools.

4. Optimize your videos with keyword-rich descriptions and meta tags. However, be sure not to over-optimize your videos, which is not effective. Click here to learn some of our best SEO tips. 

5. Submit your video sitemap, which is like submitting an XML sitemap. Submitting your video site map creates an index of your videos, which makes the videos easier to find on Google.

6. Be sure to use responsive design for the website, which allows your videos to be easily viewed on any device. Make sure that your videos can play on all your customer’s potential devices. Remember that iPads do not support Flash.

7. Generate Views and Likes for better ranking.

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