Quickstart Step 6: Finding Leads

To give you an idea of how you can start, read the steps below:

Step 1. Make a list of qualified leads:

Step 2. Send Lead Gen Campaigns to Companies You Use Patron/Swap.

Step 3. Send Lead Gen Campaigns to Strategic Partners.

Step 4. Email Your FREE Cover Landing Page To Businesses

Step 5. Post Your Lead Capture Page on Social Media.

Step 6. To start applying this sale funnel in Social Covers, click LeadGen Campaigns.

Step 7. Click the Create LeadGen Campaign button.

Step 8. Type in the name of the business.

Make sure to select the right business from this step since we will auto-populate the details in this step based on the company you will be adding.

Step 9. There are also times that the decision maker’s email is not available. You can click this button to access the script that you can use when you call the business.

Step 10. On the next step of the wizard, you will be able to select a template.

Step 11. Next, we are going to look for the details of the social media for that business. 

Whatever we find, we will compare their existing social covers to the ones you are proposing.

Step 12. This next wizard step will let you customize and list your feedback with that business and set your Call To Action whether you only want to reply to their email or redirect them to your landing page.

Step 13. This last step of the wizard will let you edit the emails that you will be sent to this business. 

There are five emails that you can use. Each email has your cover link and shows them what social cover they currently have and tells them to keep their brand alignment across multiple social channels.

Quickstart Step 7: What Steps are There in the Sales Process

You need to focus on the following:

Step 1 - Free Social Cover Giveaway

Giving away the social covers with a conversion.

Step 2 - Arrange an appointment to review the covers and discuss syndication > Trust Triggle Sale (ex. $399).

Setting up an appointment for them to review the whole cover set you are proposing. This appointment is a comprehensive approach where they can choose the channel they are most interested in and see the potential in creating the covers for all the channels and outlets.

Discuss the syndication and get those covers updated and if there a need to create additional channels for that business to get a trust trigger sale for the full set of covers, designs, and updates.

Step 3 - Upsell Meeting (Monthly Covers and Syndication > ex. $399/month)

Once they said yes to the trust trigger sale, you will have another meeting set up where you will review the final cover set and final results of what happened. 

You will also talk about the monthly creation of the covers, where it will be updated monthly, depending on the purpose. This can be a cover update, branding cover, or reputation cover and tell them the importance of keeping their covers fresh.

For more details check our Sales Materclasses:

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