This article will demonstrate how you can create email campaigns and use the Split Testing feature for Subject lines within Lead Kahuna.

Split testing your email subject lines can increase the percentage of your emails that are opened. Complete the following steps to split test your email subject lines:

  1. From the Email Dashboard, click the Create New button.

  2. Click Import Emails List

  3. Select your CSV file and click Import

  4. Type the name of your campaign. 

  5. Select an email template. 

  6. Click Got It! I'll Rewrite It

  7. Select an email profile. 
    💡 Click here to learn how to setup an email profile in Lead Kahuna.

  8. Type two (2) alternative subject lines. 
  9. Edit the body of your email, using tokens to personalize the email. 
  10. Click Send Test Email
  11. Edit your email as necessary. 
  12. Click Preview
  13. Edit your email as necessary. 
  14. Read the number of SPAM words in your email. 
    💡 If your email has a high number of SPAM words, we recommend rephrasing the SPAM words.  
  15. Click Save & Send