This article addresses "how do I setup social syndication to broadcast my Expose videos." 

Social Syndication Setup

Complete the following steps to access the Social Syndication Setup Wizard: 

  1. From the Main Dashboard, select a business. 
  2. Click the Company tab. 
  3. Click the Social Syndication tab. 

Syndication Setup

This wizard lets you connect all of your customer’s social media and video sharing accounts, including YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook profile, Facebook page, Tumblr, and Twitter.


How to Connect an Account 

To connect an account, complete the following steps: 

  1. Click the Connect button located next to the account you need to set up.
    💡 If this is your first time to connect RepVideos and YouTube Account, you’ll need to verify your account settings first in order to successfully upload your video in RepVideos.
  2. Sign in the account that you need to connect.
  3. Click the Allow Access button. 


Connected Accounts

Once is successfully connected, the account will be highlighted. 


To disconnect an account, click the highlighted account and click disconnect twice

Send Social Setup Email

In some cases, a client won't share their passwords. Then, you can utilize the "Send Social Setup Email" option. This option allows you to send an email to your client, asking them to click a link to connect their social media and video accounts to their Expose account. This way, your client will not need share their password with you.

Complete the following steps to send a social setup email: 

  1. Click the Send Email button.
  2. Add your client's name or the name of their webmaster, email address, and make any needed changes to the request email. Click the Send button.