In this article, we will highlight options for effective approval of scheduled posts by the client before the posts are sent out to social media.


Showcasing Post and Receiving Your Client's Approval

You can showcase the social media posts to your client and receive their approval for posting all of the content that your team has prepared. 

First, follow the directions on the User Setup from the Business Setup section: 

Step 1. Click Businesses from the sidebar.

Step 2. Select a company from the list of active businesses.

Step 3. Click the Setup tab.

Step 4. Click the Users Setup tab.

Note: Learn more about Setting Up a User and User Permissions for your client

Step 5. Once you set up the user permissions, send the login to the user portal to your client by clicking the Send icon.

Step 6. Your client will see the posts for approval. 

The client will be able to make the following actions: 

1. View the Content by clicking the View button. 

Once clicked, the user will be able to preview the content across multiple platforms.

2. Edit the content by clicking the Edit Post button.

The user will be able to update the Image, Text, Social Media Outlets, and Scheduled Time.

3. Approve the post by clicking the Approve button.

4. Lastly, reject the post by clicking the Reject button. When they reject a post, they will be asked why they are rejecting the post.

Agency Rejected Posts Management

As a result of the "Reject" action, you as an agency will be able to review the rejected posts in your Admin panel for the business. Navigate to Business > Content Schedule > Rejected Posts.

Once you click Rejected Post tabs, you can do the following actions: 

When you click Edit the post you will be able to: 

1. Read the Client's Comments.

2. Update the image.

3. Update the message.

4. Use Tokens to customize and personalize the message.

5. Update the Social Media Channels to which the content is going to be posted.

6. Update the logo type and position. 

7. Reschedule the post.

Once the post is rescheduled it will be available for the client review again. 

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