LeadGen Campaigns is the Done-for-You Marketing tool that will help you get up to 20 new clients to Expose Videos fast! Refer below to learn how to get started with LeadGen Campaigns.

Once you have made contact with a Lead, use our Sales and Marketing Section to find scripts that you need to close the sale!

How to Get Started with LeadGen Campaigns

Complete the following steps to get started with LeadGen Campaigns: 

  1. From the Main Dashboard, click LeadGen Campaigns, which is found on the toolbar. 
  2. See: 
    1. Your LeadGen Campaigns Summary. 
    2. Your Hottest Leads, which are ranked from hottest to least-hot. 
    3. The table that displays:
      • Your latest Campaigns.
      • Their status.
      • Their number of opens. 
      • Their number of clicks. 
      • Their latest action date. 
      • Buttons that allow you to see Campaign Details, start and stop the Campaign, and to delete the Lead.
  3. Click + Create LeadGen Campaign
  4. Enter the business's name. We integrated Google API, which will automatically populate the business's information.   
  5. Verify that the business's information is correct. 
  6. Enter the business's email and contact's person's name.  
    💡 If you do not know the business's email or contact person's name, click No Email? Click Here. This will open a script that allows you to gain access to the business's email and the contact person's name. 
  7. Click Next Step
  8. Choose a review, which will be used inside your Marketing Campaign. 
    💡 Click + Add Review to manually add a review. 
  9. Click Next Step
  10. Customize your email's content by selecting the appropriate options from the drop-down lists. 
  11. Click Next Step
  12. Edit the emails as needed. Remember to be mindful of the language used in the emails if you change the dates of the sequence. 
  13. Click Finish