This is [Admin Name], can I speak with [Contact First Name] [Contact Last Name]? Thank You.


This is [Admin Name], I’m VP of Design at [Admin Company] and I was given a memo to call you regarding the Online Ad Banner that we are designing for you. I’m right in the middle of scheduling your design to be completed.... but I had a few quick questions. Please call me back at [Admin Phone]. Hopefully we can talk by the end of the day. Thank you.

[NO... They Are Not In] 

What’s the best phone or extension to reach them?  TAKE NOTES >>

I just received an email from [Contact First Name], when is the best time to reach them today?

[What’s This Regarding]

I’m the VP of Design at [Agency Name] and [Contact First Name] [Contact Last Name] asked us to do a design project.  We are about to assign the project, but I have a few questions before we get it scheduled. Can you put me through? Thank You!

[Can I Take A Message?]   TAKE NOTES ON THE RIGHT >>

I appreciate that. [Contact First Name] [Contact Last Name] asked us to do a design project for them and we’re right in the middle of scheduling  it….. but I need a few things before I can assign it.

When's the best time to get a hold of them today. Its "Kinda" urgent

Is there another number I can reach them at?

CONFIRM OWNER:  Is [Contact First Name] [Contact Last Name] the owner?

CONFIRM EMAIL:    The email I have just to confirm is [Email]?

[Admin Message] My name is [Admin Name] I’m VP of Design and we are ready to schedule your project, but I need a few questions answered first. My number is [Admin Phone] by 5 pm today.

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