Release And Hotfix Notes:

July 10th 2023
-Fixed an issue where blog widgets on pages did not display the correct view counts on the blog posts (#350356)

July 6th 2023
-Fixed an issue where the XML site map was giving an error (#350425)

July 5th 2023
-Fixed an issue where adding pages to a funnel could cause the the domain on the page to be changed (#350808)

July 3rd 2023
-Optimized the load time of analytics on all pages. Users with above average traffic will see a significant improvements to load time in the tool.

July 23rd 2023
-Fixed an issue where users were unable to add multi work keywords on pages (#349975)

June 13th 2023
-Fixed an issue where some users were unable to add a sub-user access levels (#341373)
-Fixed an issue where blog editor was removing text from numbered lists
-Fixed an issue where copy and pasting from an outside source would remove all formatting
-Added an option to Bulk Select contacts on the contacts list

May 29th 2023
-Fixed an issue where some funnels in "Draft" mode were unable to be opened (#345928)
-Fixed an issue where the "Offer Bump" was not displayed in come cases on order forms (#342582)
-Fixed an issue causing some text to be un-editable  as it approached the side of the screen (#346392)

May 15th 2023
-Fixed an issue where some embedded iframes and widgets were not displayed correctly (#344715)

May 10th 2023
-Fixed an issue where the page settings were not saving when you updated them via the page builder screen (#343624)

May 8th 2023
-Fixed an issue where some blog category names were unable to be added due to character limits (#343432)

March 30th 2023
-Fixed an issue where some custom fields did not display as options when building custom opt-in forms. 

March 13th 2023
-Fixed an issue where the page countdown times would not function reliably in all browsers (#338257)

March 10th 2023
-Fixed an issue where a text editor box would show incorrectly when editing the page header.

February 25th 2023
-Fixed an issue some funnel reports were sent for inactive Funnels (#335029)

January 24th 2023
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong subscription would show in the Funnel Pages account area
-Fixed an issue where some notification emails were not sent via the system provider
-Updated category and redirect search options to better facilitate finding your funnels

January 17th 2023
-Fixed an issue with phone number formatting on the click to call button setup. (#331689)

December 12th 2022
-Updated/Optimized RSS feeds for blogs to better comply with some standards. 

December 6th 2022
-Fixed an issue where some optin emails were not being delivered as expected (#327830)

November 25th 2022
-Fixed an issue where some staff users/sub-users were not able to edit some pages (#327727)

November 22nd 2022
-Added the ability to access/edit the page settings while in the page builder. By clicking the "Settings" menu on the top bar, you will see a new option for "Page Settings"
-Added the option to save and customize custom Funnel Layouts in your Visual Funnel Builder. When your Funnel is in "Edit" mode you can toggle on/off auto-alignment of your funnel elements. 

October 25th 2022
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the full screen option would disappear from Vimeo embedded videos.

October 20th 2022
-Fixed an issue where the contacts panel would sometimes not display all the opted contacts and display the wrong count of contacts (#323182)

October 5th 2022
-Fixed an issue where some users were unable to update the country code on the business profile (#321743)

September 26th 2022
-Fixed an issue where "Thank-You" buttons could not be edited in some cases (#319731)

September 19th 2022
-Released an update to the account settings area and business settings area to have options and fields better match other Strategic Marketer tools.
-Released an update changing the color of the sidebar menu to be White to better match other tools and keep more consistent theme in the products. 

September 14th 2022
-Fixed an issue when using the arrows to move blocks, it would jump 2 blocks instead of one
-Released large Optimization update for the page builder. Resources/blocks/elements should load faster and move with minimal delay when dragging.

Some elements will show placeholders in the builder (embedded videos, widgets, etc) to lower the resources on the page and decrease load time.

September 2nd 2022
-Fixed an issue causing some embed codes to not function correctly when places on select pages (#316675)
-Fixed an issue causing some text to display incorrectly on tabs when in Ipad/tablet view (#315293)

September 1st 2022
-Fixed an issue causing the Pinger App to not ping all selected sites (#317076)

August 23rd 2022
-Fixed an issue causing the Funnel maximum limit message to appear incorrectly (#316281)

August 2nd 2022
-Fixed an issue where the "Load More" option showed twice on some users blogs (#313184)
-Corrected the padding/spacing on bulleted lists to make it more uniform in all conditions (#312794)

July 26th 2022
-Updated the system response messages for some A Record installations (#311845)

July 22th 2022
-Fixed an issue where you could not hit the save button on embed code popup (#311845)
-Fixed an issue where the "Related Post" option was missing in the Blog settings section (#312815)
-Updated the SSL/White-label section in all business settings areas. We have added a new wizard to make it easier to follow the setup instructions and instant feedback validation on installation.

July 13th 2022
-Released an update to the Autoplay controls to darken the text overlay background and block some unneeded auto play control use cases.
-Fixed an issue where in the text editor some items were not lining up correctly and not numbering correctly when bulleted/numbered (#311824)

July 11th 2022
-Fixed an issue where Funnel Templates counted toward total funnel count on the dashboard.

July 8th 2022
-Released an update to the Autoplay controls on VSL elements. You now have additional options to hide videos controls and block the pause of videos.

July 1st 2022
-Fixed an issue where some Lead Magnet reports sent in system emails were not clickable for download

June 22nd 2022
-Released a system improvement to opt-in automation options. You now have more controls and options for your automations and full Prospect Rocket automation controls. 

May 23rd 2022
-Fixed an issue that caused Vimeo videos used in VSL elements to not allow full screen controls

May 19th 2022
-Fixed an issue that caused YouTube videos to not Auto-Play when enabled (#305350)

May 17th 2022
-Released a system improvement increasing the speed and responsiveness of dragging and dropping blocks and elements
-Fixed an issue causing some users to have text display incorrectly on optin popups.

May 5th 2022
-Released an improvement of Funnel Pages Site Maps to now include blogs, posts, and posting categories.

May 3rd 2022
-Fixed an issue causing some blog widgets to display incorrectly when imbedded in pages