Reach out to Friends and Family and ask for recommendations 


Hey {First name},

I could really use your help today.

My company is about to open up a Video Division for the [industry 1 and Industry 2].  We’ve cracked the code on getting [Results You Get For Clients] and to celebrate we are giving [Your Offer] and underwriting the all the costs.


So before we spend money on advertising and give this service for free to businesses we don’t know, I’d rather give them to companies that you recommend and has done a great job for you.

Could you recommend a company in the  [industry 1 and Industry 2] you’ve either used or know that have good services or have had a great experience with?  


I’m curious what experience have you had with the companies.

Quick question… we have 2 more industries we are adding in the next 30 days, but I’m trying to figure out which industries to choose. I’m curious, what are some services in the last 6 months that you’ve used that you’ve had a good experience with?

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