In this article we will talk about the 4 exciting strategies to get hot leads for your social media marketing services. 

Four Strategies to Get You Hot Leads

Strategy 1: Contacting Companies You Patron And Have Purchased From

This is the most powerful strategy because as a customer you are an INSIDER to their business and can really speak to the value of the product and services and why they would be a great fit for your show.

Note: This script works the same whether you’ve bought from the carpet cleaner or dentist, or a referral from your sister that has used them as a service. So if you don’t get out much, that's fine, just call a few friends or family members and ask them about businesses they have used. 

Strategy 2: Contact All Current Customers And All Lost Opportunities.

That means, you are going to contact all the previous people you’ve ever had more than a 10-minute conversation with and they said “NO” “NOT NOW” or “NOT INTERESTED”

  Note: They “Didn’t Say No To You?” they said “NO” only to the value you were offering at that time. You are going to call email them again and call them and read the script word for word to them.

You're also going to contact past and current customers that you have done business with and offer a free 30-day social media content package. 

Please download the following scripts:

Strategy 3: Contact People You Know To Get Referrals

This strategy can be done by email and phone and DO BOTH IN 72 HOURS to get the best results. Write a list of 30 people that consist of friends, family members, and business owners.
(Especially calling current customers)

Copy and Paste this email below and then follow up by phone and read the exact same script. When you call them, make sure you simply read the email script WORD-FOR-WORD to them.

Strategy 4: Contacting Very Targeted Cold Leads Found On Social Media

Use Social Media or Lead Kahuna to find targeted business niches.  Email and call each lead within 72 hours. 

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