Welcome to Social Covers Quickstart guide. We have broken down this guide into multiple sections, which will help you understand the steps that you need to get through to maximize Social Covers and ramp up your sales.

Quickstart Step 1: How to Login to Social Covers

Here are the steps on how to login your Social Covers account:

Step 1. Once you receive a welcome email with your LMG credentials, you can log in that details to members.localmarketinggenius.com.

Step 2. If you are successfully logged in, you will be able to see your dashboard.

Step 3. On your homepage, you will find the News and Archived Training update, where we store the recordings of our fulfillment of your training that we regularly have every Friday at 3 pm.

Step 4. Click the Social Covers tab to start accessing the software.

If a tab is grayed out, you can still click this tab, which will redirect you to the training about that specific product.

Step 5. Click the Access SocialCovers Software button.

Quickstart Step 2: How to Set up My Agency

One of the first steps that you will be presented is setting up your agency. To successfully set up your agency, follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill up the information asked in the Agency Info step.


Step 2. Once you are done, click Next.

Step 3. Type in where you want to receive your notifications.

If you have a salesperson who is in charge of your leads, it is a good idea to add their contact details here.

Step 4. Set up your branding.

This branding is for your landing pages. Customize your branding, which is in line with your branding colors, logo, and images.

Step 5. Click Next once you are done.

Step 6. The Domain wizard is the last step. The wizard will ask for the details of your branded subdomain. 

The branded subdomain will represent a link that includes your agency name and the niche that you are targeting. It would be a good practice to have a unique link to have your landing pages hosted and white label this link using your domain.


Step 7. Once you are done setting up your domain, click Finish.

Quickstart Step 3: How to Add a New Business

Now that you have successfully set up your agency, you will be redirected to your Social Cover main dashboard. 

Start adding a new business through these steps:

Step 1. From the top navigation pane, click Add Business.

Step 2. Select the business type for this business.

Step 3. Type in the name of the business or select the business that will appear from the drop down.

Step 4. From this point forward, the system will automatically fill in the other details.

Step 5. Complete and review the information in this step.

Step 6. Once you are done, click Next.

Quickstart Step 4: How to Create a Cover (V2)

Now that you have added a business that you will be working with, it is time to create your first Social Cover:

Step 1. Click Create a Covers V2.

V2 is a beta setup of cover creation and is only available to our community members and our inner social community.

Step 2. Select the business whom you want to create the covers for and click Next.

Step 3. There are several templates that you can use or use your template. For demonstration purposes, we will be creating a template from scratch.

Creating a template from scratch is only available in V2, which is currently in beta.

Step 4. Type in the Cover Name.

Step 5. Select the covers that you want to use and click Next Step.

Step 6. Select a background that you want to use for your covers.

Step 7. In this example, we want to add an area where we can add our discount. To do this, click Shapes and add your desired shape in the canvas.

You can click the Upload button if you want to upload your shapes. 

Step 8. Once you adjust your shape’s color and size, add text.

Step 9. If you are happy with how your cover looks, click Next Step.

Step 10. You will be having the preview of your full set of social covers, which you can present to your prospects.

Step 11. Click Approve Covers to finalize your social covers.

Quickstart Step 5: How to Create a Cover

Complete the following steps to create a Social Cover: 

Step 1. Click Create Covers.

Step 2. Select the business whom you want to create the covers for and click Next.

Step 3. Select the template* that you want to use. 

*To get additional templates, visit socialcovers.com/oto. You can also find the bonus covers by subscribing to our community, www.strategicmarketer.com/SocialIC, and subscribing to $69 a month. Subscribing will let you access all the resources that we share in the community, including the actual Facebook group that you can be a part of and get advice, suggestions from the peers, get answers to your questions, and training for social media marketing.  


Step 4. Type in the Cover Name.

Step 5. Select the covers that you want to use and click Next.

Step 6. Update template using the different element controls found on the left side of your editor.

Learn more about your element controls here.

Step 7. Once you are done updating your covers, click Next.

Step 8. You will now see the full set of your covers for review. 

If you still want to modify your cover, click the Edit Covers button, otherwise click Approve All. Approving will generate a draft link that you can share with your prospect or client and get approvals from them to get that updated to their social media.

Quickstart Step 6: Finding Leads

If you already have an idea on how to create a cover, it is time to get working and show these covers to your leads. To give you an idea of how you can start, read the steps below:

Step 1. Make a list of qualified leads:

Step 2. Once you put these lists of contacts, follow our Sales Funnel Steps.

Step 3. To start applying this sales funnel in Social Covers, click LeadGen Campaigns.

Step 4. Click the Create LeadGen Campaign button.

Step 5. Type in the name of the business.

Make sure to select the right business from this step since we will auto-populate the details in this step based on the company you will be adding.

Step 6. There are also times that the decision maker’s email is not available. You can click this button to access the script that you can use when you call the business.

Step 7. On the next step of the wizard, you will be able to select a template.

Step 8. Next, we are going to look for the details of the social media for that business. 

Whatever we find, we will compare their existing social covers to the ones you are proposing.

Step 9. This next wizard step will let you customize and list your feedback with that business and set your Call To Action whether you only want to reply to their email or redirect them to your landing page.

Step 10. This last step of the wizard will let you edit the emails that you will be sent to this business. 

There are five emails that you can use. Each email has your cover link and shows them what social cover they currently have and tells them to keep their brand alignment across multiple social channels.

Quickstart Step 7: What Steps are There in the Sales Process

On Quickstart Step 7, you need to focus on the following:

Step 1 - Free Social Cover Giveaway

Giving away the social covers with a conversion.

Step 2 - Arrange an appointment to review the covers and discuss syndication > Trust Triggle Sale (ex. $399).

Setting up an appointment for them to review the whole cover set you are proposing. This appointment is a comprehensive approach where they can choose the channel they are most interested in and see the potential in creating the covers for all the channels and outlets.

Discuss the syndication and get those covers updated and if there a need to create additional channels for that business to get a trust trigger sale for the full set of covers, designs, and updates.

Step 3 - Upsell Meeting (Monthly Covers and Syndication > ex. $399/month)

Once they said yes to the trust trigger sale, you will have another meeting set up where you will review the final cover set and final results of what happened. 

You will also talk about the monthly creation of the covers, where it will be updated monthly, depending on the purpose. This can be a cover update, branding cover, or reputation cover and tell them the importance of keeping their covers fresh.

Quickstart Step 8: Where Do I Find Details on Sales Strategies and Resources

On the main dashboard, you will find the Social Covers knowledgebase. 

It contains the Sales Strategies and the resources for sales like Master Classes, which will help you ramp up your lead generation and automation, create your fist Social Covers, and other useful information that you can find.  

Quickstart Step 9: Can I ask for 1-1 Help from Support

If our knowledge base is not enough, you can ask for 1-1 help, especially if you have a VA that you want to train on creating covers.

If you also have a client with you, we can show how to create an engaging cover for them and train you along the way, just give us a call to set this arrangement up. 

You can access our 1-1 Support at www.localgenius/PaidSupport. It will be $47 for 30 minutes and can have as many training sessions as possible and train you the best way to ramp your sales.

If you don’t want to use our 1-1 support, you can always submit a question at localgenius.com/FRIDAYLIVE

This is where we create a custom presentation for you, but we will show it to everyone on the call. You can ask questions on the live call as well so we can get you a better answer and have that recorded and saved at our archives.

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