This article demonstrates how you can create a Rating Page for both Desktop and Mobile devices within Rep Kahuna. A Rating Page allows your customers to leave a rating online based on their experience with your business.

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How to Create A Rating Page

To create a Rating Page, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Agency Dashboard, select a company that you want to create a Rating Page for.

Step 2. Click Build.

Step 3. Click Feedback Page.

Step 4. Click the Add New Feedback Page button.

Step 5. Type the name of your page. For this example, we will be selecting the Feedback Page as our Page Type. 

Click Next to proceed.

Step 6. Select Rating Page for both Desktop and Mobile. 

Click Finish to start editing your Rating Page.

Collecting Reviewers Information

This editor lets you edit the fields that gather information from reviewers that will access your Feedback Page. You can customize all your Feedback Page fields. You can change the Rating Question, change the Default Color, and select the Rating Type that you want.

Every change that you apply can be seen in real-time through the preview window located on the right side of the page. 

Click Next to proceed to set up your directories. 

You can choose from the three Rating Types available:

Setting Up Directories

This next section is where you are going to send a customer online once they left a rating - Positive or Negative.

You can start setting up your Directories through these steps:

Step 1. First, set up how a customer will be redirected once they left a positive review. From here, select where you want to send the reviewer. You can choose Local Directories or your Custom URL. 

For this example, we will be sending the reviewer to the Local Directories online.

Step 2. Select the directories that you want.

Step 3. If you are going to add a Custom Directory, click on the directory list and then select Add Custom Directory

Set it up by typing the directory name, choosing the button color of your choice, and pasting the Directory Link URL. Once you are done, click Save Changes.

Step 4. Change your Feedback Video and Text if you do not want to use the default video and text. To edit each field, click the Edit icon.

You can also hover your mouse over the Feedback Video to edit the element. When the Upload Video window appears, paste your YouTube or Vimeo URL and click Preview

Click Select to use your YouTube video.

Another way to edit the video is going directly to the preview window and edit your Explanation Video or Text.  

Step 5. Toggle ON/OFF the Good Rating element if you want to display videos on the Feedback Page.

When the Good Rating element is enabled, this identifies what is considered a "Good Feedback" and therefore, will send the customer to the "Positive Feedback" options. Ratings that are lower than what you select will be taken to the "Negative Feedback options," which, in this example, reviews less than four stars are considered Negative Feedback.

Step 6. To switch between Desktop or Mobile preview, select which display you want to see.  

Step 7. Make a habit of using the Hide/Show Sidebar Controls icon located to the top of the Preview Window to fully see how it looks like when it comes to the desktop.

Setting Up Your Negative Review

Sometimes, you get a Negative Rating by a customer. Once they do that, this is the page where they will be redirected. 

Follow the steps below on how you can set up your Negative Review Page:

Step 1. First, make sure that you are in the Negative Review tab. Once you are there, decide where you want to send your reviewer once they left a negative rating. You can send them to your Negative Feedback Page or your Custom URL. For this example, we are going to send them to our default Negative Feedback Page.

Step 2. Edit your Feedback Video.  

Step 3. Switch between Desktop or Mobile preview to see how your page looks like on other devices. Click Next to finalize your page.

Step 4. From here, you can view your page, get the generated iframe code or return to your Feedback Page Dashboard.

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