The Feedback Page Dashboard displays all the Feedback Pages that are set up for all locations. 

Select a section from the drop-down to jump to an area that you wish to learn more about:



From the dashboard, you can either view Global or select a location that you want to see.

From here, you will see the actual Views from the last 30 days.

Total Feedback

The next column displays the total feedback left to the corresponding feedback page. 


The %Feedback is computed by the number of people who visited the page over the amount of feedback that was received.


Click the Analytics icon to view the breakdown of the ratings that were left and surveys that were answered. All of these results are displayed in the analytics.


The Actions column lets you perform different action of your chosen feedback page, such as:

Accessing the Feedback Page

Clicking on the feedback page will take you to edit the feedback page.

Adding a Feedback Page

To add a new feedback page, click the Add New Feedback Page button.

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