Here is our third Email Script for your 5 Day Fire Sale Campaign that you can use and send out to your clients:

I thought I’d try reaching out to you again. It's been hard to get a hold of you.

I found this great review of your online… and a few more:

[Online Review]

The problem I found is that I didn’t see any of these 5-star reviews on the homepage of your website.

So I took a screenshot of your website to show you how you can show off your 5-star reviews so that all your website visitors would pick up the phone and call you.

[Widget Preview]

I had to do a little photoshop, but this is a screenshot of your website with a 5-star review showing up in the corner.

Imagine every website visitor seeing all your 5-star reviews as one of the 1st things they see on your site.

There’s no catch. It takes 5 minutes and I can show you exactly how to do this.

Reply to let me know if you’re interested in me showing you how to do this.

Most business owners don’t know this, but we’ve found potential [Buyer Type]s that are looking for a [1st Category] are visiting 3-5 websites before they call and they are looking for the “MOST REPUTABLE” company to do business.

Reply “Interested” or call me at [Agency Phone] if you have any interest in getting your website to convert more [Buyer Type]s by showing them your 5-star reputation.

To your success,

[Agency Signature]

P.S. You have some good reviews on other sites too, I can show you how to stream those right to your website so everyone sees your great reputation.

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