Here is our first Email Script for your 5 Day Fire Sale Campaign that you can use and send out to your clients:

[POC First Name],

I’m a [Buyer Type] of yours and I wanted to email you because I had a great experience with your company.

[Your Great Experience]

I’m an Online Reputation Analyst for a living, so I wanted to return the favor and do something special for you and your business.

I had my team do some research on your company’s online reputation and they found some things that are missing with your online reputation, but also found some great reviews like this one:

[Online Review]

The problem I saw was when I went to your website. I didn’t see any reviews like this on your home page. I can tell you from my experience as an online reputation analyst that showing great reviews like this one on your website can get more people calling you.

I think just a few tweaks, you can use your reviews to start getting more [Buyer Type]s

There’s a simple way you can instantly show your 5-star reviews on your website. It just takes a few minutes.

There’s no catch. It takes 5 minutes and I can show you what to do.

Reply to let me know if you’re interested.

Most business owners don’t know, but we’ve found potential [Buyer Type]s are visiting 3-5 websites before they call and they are looking for the “MOST REPUTABLE” company to do business.

I can show you an easy way to show everyone that comes to your website your 5 Star Reputation and help get you more [Buyer Type]s

You have some great 5 Reviews. Now you just need to tweak a few things on your website so that the people visiting your site see those 5-star reviews and call you.

Again, just email me back either way and let me know if you would like me to show you.


[Agency Signature]

P.S. You have some good reviews on other sites too, I can show you how to stream those right to your website so everyone sees your great reputation.

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