Below you will find some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the DFY Lead Team system:

Q: When will I get leads?
A: Leads will be delivered every Monday between 12 AM - 8 AM

Q: When Do I Need To Request My Leads?
A: Lead Requests for the next week MUST be submitted by 12 PM ET the Monday before delivery. You can pre-schedule upto 8 weeks in advance.

Q: How Many Leads Will I Get Each Week?
A: We will find up to 200 leads with verified emails for you each week!

Q: Where can I search for Leads?
A: DFY Lead Team currently finds leads in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand

Q: Can I search a specific area of my country/state or time zone?
A: To ensure we are able to find you 200 email verified leads each week, we cannot place limitations on where we search. This means leads will not be confined by time zone or geographic location other than being in the country you select.

Q: Can I send the Leads to my Prospect Rocket?
A: Yes! To send leads to your Prospect Rocket account, you must FIRST set up the campaign or sequence you want to add them to. Once you have created your campaign/sequence, you will be able to select it when scheduling your lead request. Upon completion of the lead search, found leads will automatically have contacts created in Prospect Rocket and be added to your campaign!

Q: What if I don’t have Prospect Rocket set up?
A: If you do not have Prospect Rocket or do not have a campaign to add the leads to, you can select the “Download Only” option when scheduling your Lead request. This will let you return to your dashboard later and download a hardcopy of your leads in CSV file format. 

Q: Can I change my Lead request?
A: You can edit/change your Lead Request while they are in the status “scheduled.” At 12 AM ET the Wednesday before delivery, your status will change to “In Progress.” Once a lead search is “In Progress” you can no longer change/edit your sections.

Q: Why Didn’t I get all 200 Leads?
A: It's possible that we from time to time are unable to find 200 results for you in a given week. Depending on your selected niche/keyword there may not be enough results with verified emails for us to give you. If you continue to experience low results, consider changing your niche/keyword to a larger industry.