Complete the following steps to create an email broadcast: 

  1. From the Lead Kahuna Dashboard, click Message Leads

  2. Click Web Message Leads
  3. Click Import Spreadsheet
  4. Select a spreadsheet. 
  5. Click Import
    💡 Only the Leads with an email will be imported. 
  6. Select a template or create your own template by clicking Settings > Templates > New Template.
  7. Click Okay Got It! I Will Rewrite It.
  8. Type your campaign name.
  9. Type your name and phone number. 
  10. Add the subject of your Email Broadcast. 
  11. Select the website URL field. 
  12. Type your email address and complete the empty fields. 
  13. Edit your email message. 
  14. Click Preview
  15. Make any needed changes.
  16. Click Save & Send.