This article will demonstrate how to create a Voice Broadcast within Lead Kahuna. 

How do I Create a Voice Broadcast? 

Complete the following steps to create a voice broadcast: 

  1. From the Main Dashboard, click Call Leads
  2. Click the + Create New button.

  3. Click the Import Phone List button. 
  4. Select your list and click Import
  5. Type the name of your campaign and select a Broadcast Number. 

  6. Type the Phone number for your Call Transfer.
    💡 This is the number where calls will be routed to if call transfer is used. 
    If you do not need to use Call Transfer, you can turn this off by toggling it to OFF. 

  7. Set your Simultaneous Calls.
    💡 This controls how many calls are made one time. If you are using Call Transfer, always keep in mind how many simultaneous calls are made. 

  8. Click the Upload button to start uploading your MP3 files, which have to be less than 3 MB each. 
  9. Select your audio file and click Open.

  10. Repeat steps 8-9 once. 
  11. Choose when you need for your broadcast to go out.
    💡 If you need the broadcast to go out now, just select the
    Now option and then click Create Broadcast to start sending your campaign.

    💡 To schedule a broadcast, click the Schedule option and then set the time and the day that you need your campaign to go out at. Click Create Broadcast.

    🛈 Remember that you need to have your computer on and Lead Kahuna open at the time you schedule a campaign to be able to execute the action of sending your call campaigns.
    Always check your Leads' timezone.