This article is a walk through on the different building blocks of your Page Builder and how to build a page from scratch. The Page Builder has a lot of intuitive functions that are already built-in which follows the STORY process.

 To create a funnel, follow these steps:

  1. Drag a Header.


  1.  The system will give you feedback as you are starting to build your page. Click ‘OK! Got It’ to proceed.


  1.  Select a Cover.


All of your buttons, content, and all the pieces that you want for people to read and tell the story are to be filled out by you. If this is overwhelming, we have plenty of templates that are done for you, just exit out and create a new Funnel Using one of the many Done For You Templates. Here is how 


  1.  Add a Feature.


  1.  Add a Benefit.


  1.  Add a Content.

This will be an important block for your feature that will give the reader more information to help them through their buying process.



  1.  You can also add a Text Grid if you need to.


  1.  Add your Call to Action.


It is important to set up your individual buttons and adding the correct content and sub-headlines.


  1.  Add a Video.

 Note: Once you have added a video, make sure to set up the video that you will be used together with the content.


  1.  Add a Team and set up the other information and links that you want to add.


  1.  Add a Testimonial.


  1.  Add a Contact headline.


  1.  Add a Counter Headline.


  1.  Add your Footer.


  1.  Click ‘Next Step’ to save this template.

 Note: Please review your page and make sure that all your buttons, content, and sub-headlines are updated and complete.


  1.  Click the ‘Next: Setup Your Thank You Page’ button to start setting up your Thank You Page.


  1.  Select a template for your Thank You Page and click ‘Next Step’.


  1.  Set up your Thank You Page template and click ‘Next Step’.


  1.  Your funnel is now created. You can now manage this funnel in the Funnel Dashboard. If you want to view the actual funnel, click the View icon inside of your Funnel details.