In this article, we will focus on Confirmation Page configurations. 

After your customers have opted in to your Landing Page, they will visit your Confirmation Page.  When they complete the Wizard, they will receive the confirmation email with the details.

Confirmation Page Configurations 

To edit your Confirmation Page, complete the following steps:

Note: When you edit your Confirmation Page, you are also editing your Optin Lead Wizard. This process means that the changes that you make to your Confirmation Page are reflected in your Optin Lead Wizard.

Step 1. From the main dashboard, click Landing Pages.

Step 2. Click the Dashboard Page icon on the Landing Page that you want to set up.

Step 3. Click the Confirmation Page tab.

Step 4. Click Edit Page.

Step 5. Customize your Confirmation Page using the Wizard Controls found on the left-hand side of your page.


Step 6. If you want to update your page’s explainer video, hover your mouse over the video and click the Update button.

Step 7. Click the Add Video button to start uploading your video.

Step 8. Paste the Vimeo or YouTube link of your video and click Save.

Step 9. Once you are done, click Next.

Step 10. Depending on the Page Type that you will use, you will have a different set of configurations.

Step 11. Using an Internal Page will let you use the built-in page in the system. Edit the content of your page through the different elements found on the left-hand corner.

Step 12. Selecting a Redirect Page lets you type in the URL of your Thank You Page. 

Step 13. Once you are done, click Finish.

Step 14. If you want to view your page first before finalizing it, you can use Preview.

Step 15. If you are happy with your Confirmation Page, click Save.

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