[Companies You Don't Know]

This is [Admin Name] I’m the VP of Design at [Admin Company].  My research team asked me to call you because of your reputation online.  Out of 100's of companies they recommended you for a Beta program that we are doing for several businesses in [City] to help them get more clients and customers.  

[Companies You've Pardoned]

This is [Admin Name] I’m the VP of Design at [Admin Company]. And I'm a customer of yours.


So because of the great experience I had I wanted to do something special for you.  We have a spot that  has opened up for 1 company in [City] for a new beta program that can help businesses get more customers.

[Companies You've Been Referred To]

This is [Admin Name] I’m the VP of Design at [Admin Company]. And I was talking to a raving

customer/patient/client of yours.  They said...

[GIVE 1 OR 2 SENTENCES About Why The Company Is So Good]

They were saying they wished MORE PEOPLE knew how great the experience you give.

So I wanted to call you because we have a spot that  has opened up for 1 company in [City] for a new beta program that can help businesses get more customers.  

[Say This To Everyone.......]

Our BETA program consists of simply giving you over $500 of design work to create a HIGH CONVERTING 

ad for you online.  

There's nothing to buy or purchase.  We have an ONLINE Ad Design department that from time to time has spots open up and we give away those spots to local businesses to help them get more customers.

To participate in the Beta and get a $500 free Online AD:

You can use it on your website, your blog, in your social media, or wherever you want.  Again there's no catch, we just ask for feedback on your experience.  That's all.

Are you in front of your computer?

[If NO They Are NOT In Front Of Their Computer]

What's the best email, I'll email you the invitation.  If I get that out to you today do you think you can open it, select the ad design that you like the  and get it filled out for me by the end of the day? It only takes about 3 minutes.

[If YES They Are In Front Of Their Computer]

Great, type into your browser.

[Spell Out For Them The Invitation LINK]



Http://whitelabelURL.com/Invite  [Make Sure You Create PURL]

Step 1: Click the "Get My Free AD" Button

Step 2: You will see a list of top converting ads to choose from.

             Listen to the 60 second video and choose an AD. I'll wait.

Step 3: Fill out your company info and your contact info. I can wait.

So that was easy right :)  Ok.. So my next step is that I’m going to assign this to one of our "Top Designers", but before I do, I just had a few questions. I’m on your website now. You’ve got some great products/services.

Q1) Is there a specific product or service that you would like to promote right now to get more sales?

Q2) Is there a specific discount or offer you want to advertise?

Q3) What about the “The Rule of Seven”: the idea that people need to see your marketing message "Seven times before they take action."  Are you doing ANY branding to stay in front of customers or website visitors to make sure they see you when you're ready to buy?

[ SEED PLANT ] You know a lot of businesses don’t.  I’m surprised because only about 4% of visitors that go to someone's website actually contact the company.  That means 96% of people aren’t ready to make a decision right then and there. So branding and staying in front of prospects can generate sales. It really helps to have your business in front of them when they are ready to make a decision.  Now I’m curious….

Q4) What type of online ads have you created before?

      [If Yes]  Were the Ads Successful?  What did you market then?

Q5) Have you marketed ads on Facebook Or Any Other Sites?

This was a great meeting. I’ve got everything we need for our team to get started.

Q6) Last question. We’ve got a really tight schedule, what time do you have on _____________ or ____________ that you can be in front of your computer for 15 minutes where we can call you and show you your ad?

Great, did you have any last questions?

Thanks again for your time today, we look forward to talking to you soon.

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