Congratulations, you made a great choice! As a special limited time bonus you get access to a personal setup of your Prospect Rocket account.

These resources are available in various locations, so to make it nice and easy, we've placed the all in one location for reference.

Please be aware, there are TWO different types of White Glove Sessions.

 If you've attended a White Glove setup in the past, you would not need to attend this again. However, the basic Prospect Rocket Email Setup session should be completed prior to the Sequence & DFY Lead Setup session to ensure your basic account is properly set up.

In this small group session we will go step by step through the process of getting your account setup, so you will want to be sure to have all of your account details on hand.

If you are new to Prospect Rocket, it is now active in your account. To get started, we encourage you to log in and complete the welcome wizard. Use the access information below and watch the “How To Get Started” Training Today.


Completing the Welcome steps on your first login will make it easier for us to help connect and optimize your account. 

Note: If you have any questions or need help, save them for your Setup session where we can help you complete the above steps if needed

Basic Account White Glove Setup

This setup session is solely designed to get your account setup, email verified, and connected to Prospect Rocket. To accomplish that, we ask you to come with a few materials we will need to complete your optimization.

Our goal is simple, we want you to leave this setup with your email verified, set up with a mass mailing provider (Sendgrid/Mailgun/Gsuite), and connected in Prospect Rocket with correct settings and sending limits.

Materials You Should Have Prepared and bring to your training:

A Marketing Email Account - If you have not created the email account you plan to use for your marketing, get a jump start by creating an email that you plan to use Solely for outbound marketing. You can use a domain separate from your company domain, or create something new with gmail, hostgator, godaddy, etc.

Your Email Account Username/Password - We will need access to your email account and settings to complete your setup and verification. Please have your credentials ready to send us for the session

DNS Settings - If your email account is connected to a domain you own, we will need access to your DNS settings. Have your login credentials to your hosting provider ready to send us for the session.

Mailing Provider For Connection - If you are using a service such as Sendgrid, Gsuite, Mailgun, etc. please have your login credentials ready as well. If you do NOT have one of these services, we will show you how to register them on the training OR you can get a jumpstart by registering on Sendgrid or Mailgun

Please see this video for more information: Prospect Rocket Advanced Email Setup >

Note: To make best use of your time we ask you to have all the above ready BEFORE we meet so we can perform the address verification and connection to Prospect Rocket. Please have your login credentials open and ready at the start of your session

If your account is all set and you are ready to join your Advanced Sequence Setup session:

This session is designed for members that have already completed the initial account setup and are ready to implement campaign setup.

Materials You Should Have Prepared and bring to your Advanced Campaign Setup training:

Select your niche. You will need to know what niche you'd like to select initially as we will be setting up your account for you.

Identify your sequence. If you don't have a specific sequence in mind already, you can see the available ones under Marketing > Templates. Please ensure you have this selected prior to scheduling you session. 

Identify what, if any, automations you would like to set up. (ie - would you like to be notified when someone clicks a link, have a tag applied to build a contact list, etc)

Please see this video for more information: Prospect Rocket Sequence & DFY Lead Setup 

Note: To make best use of your time we ask you to have all of the above ready BEFORE we meet so we can perform the Please also have your login credentials open and ready at the start of your session.

Sessions are first come, first served, see you on the training!

If you miss your session, you will not be able to rebook, however if you need to re-schedule ahead of time that’s okay, you can do this using the link in the confirmation email you will receive upon booking 

Hot Tips!

If you already have experience in email marketing or you just want to get ahead, start with this QS video for Prospect Rocket:

PR Quickstart Coaching: Email setup, import, tagging, sequence setup

If you are wanting to use the voice services in PR, you will need to connect your Twilio account.

🚀 Setting Up Twilio and Caller ID

Once you have everything setup, you can go ahead and request your DFY Leads, which will send 125 leads into your chosen sequence every Monday


Get started: 🔍 Making Your First Lead Request

To Automate your calendar bookings so prospects can book directly with you, you will need to create an Agenda Rocket Campaign

🚀 Creating An Agenda Rocket Campaign