The Funnel Pages Page Builder is an intuitive page builder that you can use to create highly effective web pages. 

The Page Builder uses three key concepts under the builder tab:


Instant Blocks

These are block level templates that are built in a way for you with images and layouts that are designed for great customer experiences. 


They are displayed in a way that is easy to implement. Within Instant Blocks, you have a pre-configured template for quick and effective editing. All layouts, images and content areas are set up and ready for you to easily update and modify to your client’s specific needs. 


You can also change the headers and subheadings to whatever is the most effective for the effect you are trying to build.  A quick note, you cannot delete headers that are pre-built. If you want to not have the header show hide them from the elements section, please see this article Elements Overview.



Rows are used to help create a dynamic flow for your web page.  Rows and Columns break up how the page is viewed depending on the device.  These controls help stack content on small screen devices and help lay out compelling content. A row is a horizontal count of what items will be grouped, while columns are a vertical delineation of how each row will be divided.



Within the Elements, you are able to work with Text and other web building blocks to create your masterpiece. 

Aside from text, you are also able to add the following: