In this article we will talk about your Unlimited Social Offers Bonus. 

As a part of your Bonus #3, you have received access to the Offer Templates for Content and Posting Offers for 10 Lucrative Niches. 

Unlimited Social Offers 

These are the niches that you received the templates for: 

HVACSpa health and beauty

Each niche will be presented with 3 offer template for each category of the Offer per each niche, rounding up the total amount of templates to 90 total templates. 

You will find 3 templates for Content Offers, Posting Offers and Website Offers each correspondingly. 

You will find offers for: 

Teeth Whitening, Air Conditioning, Pet Care, Pain Relief, Oil Change, Planting, Massage, Teeth Cleaning, Furnace, Pet Boarding, Preventative Care, Tire Service, Mowing, Manicure, First Time Patient, Maintenance, Vaccinations, Adjustments, Tune-Up and many more. 

You can easily schedule the Offers following these simple steps: 

Step 1: Navigate to Business -> Social Offers and Choose the type of the Offer you'd like to set up 

Step 2: Select a Template

Step 3: Set up your Campaign Details

Step 4: Set up your Offer 

Step 5: Configure the Opt In Page

Step 6: Update the Thank you Page

Step 7: Configure the Redemption Page

Step 7: Update the Confirmation Email and Confirmation SMS 

Note: Make sure to connect Twillio under Agency Settings to be able to send text messages

Step 8: Create automations (optional) 

Learn more details about Social Offers and setting it up. 

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