In this article we will talk about where to find your bonus for Lead Capture and Lead Magnet Offer System. 

You have received access to our Lead capture and Lead Magnet offer System which allows you to create  Landing Pages and Funnels for your sales set up of Bright Social Packages. You will find your Landing pages inside the software.

Finding Your Bonus Lead Capture and Lead Magnet Offer System 

Let us show you the first steps for creating Landing Pages in Bright Social. 

Step 1. To create a new Landing pages navigate to the sidebar: 

Step 2. Push the "Create a Page" button: 

Step 3. Name your Page, set up your content package days and select your template: 

Step 4. Make adjustments if you'd like, click save and navigate back to the dashboard: 

Step 5. Save your changes by clicking the "Save" button. 

Learn more about the Landing pages, Landing Page Dashboard, How to Create and Customize the Landing page, How to Edit the existing landing page. 

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