In this article we will cover your Done For You Bonus of 90 posts for most lucrative niches that you can start posting for your own business and also give away as FREE offers as well as sell as a part of your Trust Trigger Offer 

Your 90 Day Bonus Content DFY Packages

The 90 posts Bonus covers the following niches: 

180 Marketing Agency Posts

HVACSpa health and beauty

You will also get 90 offer Templates for the lucrative niches with 3 Content Offers, 3 Posting Offers, 3 Widget Offers per each niche. 


The additional Landing Pages Templates will also match the lucrative niches above so you can start working on running traffic to your landing pages and find leads in each of the lucrative niches. 

You can also upgrade your packages and purchase the Premium pack of 10 more niches: 

MovingWeight Loss
Pest ControlResidential Cleaning
RoofingResidential Contractor
Carpet CleaningChild Care
Cosmetic SurgeryGym

With the Premium Package you will will also get 90 offer Templates for the additional niches with 3 Content Offers, 3 Posting Offers, 3 Widget Offers per each niche. It does come with the  Landing Pages templates for each of the niches. 


To find your Done For you Social Media Packages, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Content Designer

Step 2: Find the Marketplace 

Step 3: Add the Packages  you are interested in to your Library

To Schedule your Done for You Packages follow the next simple steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Library 

Step 2: Click to Edit the Package 

Step 3: Review and Curate the content as you see needed

Step 4: Send to Multipost to schedule all the posts to the business of your choice

Step 5: Select the Business for which you'd like to schedule the posts and click Next

Note: Make sure you already have businesses created in your account. Follow this tutorial to create a business

Step 6: Make sure the package you were reviewing is selected and then click Next 

Step 7: Review the schedule configurations: 

- Select to add to Queue or Add Date and Time to each post

-Select the Social Media Channels you'd like to post to

Note: When the social media icons are highlighted, the social media channel is selected. If they are greyed out, the social media channels are disselected. In case you select all of the social media channels but do not have all of them connected, we will notify you about the social media needing your attention every time the posts would try to get posted to that social media channel. If you add social connections later, you would need to reschedule all of t he posts to make sure they are scheduled for all of the social media channels of your choice. 

- Decide on the positioning of the Logo for the business on the image that comes with the post 

Note: The logo must be uploaded to the business account before scheduling the posts to make sure the logo would show on the images. Learn how to Set up Logo for the Business

- Consider if you want to shuffle all the posts that you are scheduling. It's a great idea if you are working with multiple businesses because that would allow you to send posts 

- Click Schedule to Queue all the posts in the business schedule

Learn more about how to schedule any content with Multi-Post and how to create a Single Post when necessary.

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