Banner Widget Panel Overview

Easily monitor and manage all your Banner Widgets with the Banner Widget Panel. See the Views, Clicks, and Conversion Percentage for each of your widgets. You can also quickly create a new widget. This article will show you how to successfully use the Banner Widget Panel.

To access your Banner Widget Panel, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Dashboard, click Business Contacts and select the Business that you need to access. 
  2. Click the Banner Widgets tab.

Banner Widget Name

This section displays the Names and the types of your Widgets. You can also see the sizes of your Widgets here.


Widget Analytics

This section displays the performance of your Widgets. Here, you can see the graph of and the actions performed on your Widget over the last 30 days. With the Conversion Percentage, you can quickly identify how well your Banner Widgets have performed.


 Widget Code 

To copy your Widget’s code, click Widget Code   . Click the Copy  button and paste the code to your website.


Widget Deletion 

To delete a Widget, select a Widget and click . Click here to learn more about deleting Widgets.



Widget Creation 

To create a new Banner Widget, click Create Banner Widget. Click here to learn more about creating Widgets.