When you meet with your prospect for a Pre-Production Call you will be presenting the Social Covers Set you prepared for your prospect and the presentation about the Social Media Makeover that would educate your prospect on the value of Social Media Marketing and  set up the premise for your Trust Trigger Offer

You can download the .ppt presentation for AD Design Call for Social Covers from the link below: 


Social Covers Trust Trigger Offer Transcript:

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I want to thank you so much for being a part of our beta.

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And first of all, welcome in the next few minutes here, what we're gonna do is we're going to cover what we call our social marketing strategies and really what to expect from our beta program and new trends in social media that can help you get more customers. 

And then when we do it gets the production details from you. We'll collect the details. We need to create your social covers as well as login and information we need so that we can actually post those for you online. So we'll do all the work. And then I want to show you how to leverage your covers step by step and how to understand really how your covers can start converting new customers and getting more calls and more engagement. 

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So the reason why we've done this beta is because we realized that most business owners feel very overwhelmed with social media. They really don't know where to start. We also find that they struggle finding an easy strategy to get ahead of the competition more importantly. We find that a lot of business owners feel stuck because they don't have a big budget for advertising and branding, like possibly their competitors here. 

 Well this beta is designed to solve all of that. All three of these are going to be solved when we finish. Does that sound good? Yeah. Right. 

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So it starts by understanding the new trends in consumer marketing behavior. As we review some of the trends, I just want you to think of the overall thoughts that come to mind and allow the trends to help you.

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So I don't want you to memorize them, you, I'm taking notes, but just how does it feel? What's the big aha moment when you see that 71% of consumers we've had a good social media service experience with the brand are likely to recommend it to others. So me using social media is an effective tool to increase brand engagement and win new customers.


So digital content is 40 times more likely to get shared in social media than other types of content is. 


This is why covers are so valuable is because creating visually 

engaging covers and content or showing your offered products. And services as well as your reputation. So you can use covers for all of that to get more engagement.

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79 % percent Facebook trends. So the next set of internet users use Facebook in 2018 Facebook webinar has to be 169 million users in the U S and another, almost 2 billion monthly active users. So the bottom line is this status, so valuable is Facebook influence 52% of consumers online and offline purchases, which is up from 36% a year ago. So Facebook is, it has a tremendous impact on whether someone buys an engagement in the brand that you got through this channel. Now, almost 2 billion people on Facebook actively, every single client, more importantly, every dime of revenue. Yeah, you want to generate every time that customer is on Facebook right now. So if you want to go from a hundred to 200 300% in your business, every customer that you need to get those revenue goals are on Facebook and social media. 


So shows the importance of retailers to manage their social media channels, which have a direct impact of purchasing behavior. 4 million businesses currently pay for social media, advertising and Facebook. So companies should really consider paying for Facebook ads in order to gain visibility and surpass their competitors. So what 4 million businesses are doing joint, you're finding it very, very effective. 

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Now YouTube and Google, this is pretty profile 540 million active users on Google. 50% of views on YouTube are mobile and average 40 minutes. There is not 100 million, but now there's 1 billion mobile views per day. So it's just astounding. The average one, 80% of 18 and 49 year olds watch YouTube or 3.2 5 billion hours of video watched every single month. So again, that's Facebook, but also YouTube because not right now the video market has gone from a kind of nice to have, right? For one that will set the pace for the future. 


So 70% of brands have a presence on Google plus, which has local business and brands realize that over a billion users and Google plus. So it's a very important social media network to 

make sure you have a good presence. 

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Now if you Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter trends, these are powerful. 53% of users follow their favorite brands on Instagram. 50% of active Twitter users follow companies and brands and 1 billion searches per day. So the bottom line is businesses on Instagram are seeing per follower engagement of 4% more, which is 50 times higher than Facebook and 120% higher than Twitter. So Instagram is a powerful, powerful platform and followers are where they're going to be marketed to accept the fact they're going to be exposed, exposed to products and services. So this is why your branding across all your social media sites, it's so important because 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35 so where we're actually getting this next generation of consumers with your brand, which is critical now, Instagram has become literally the social media network for millennials.

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So as I asked you before, what's the big takeaway of these new trends? I know these are new and some of the trends are kind of mind boggling, but what's kind of your feeling? 

Yes. It's pretty interesting that there's been such a big shift over 

the last 12 to 18 months. Right. Well, let me ask you this. How many social networks do you think a brand or business needs to pay attention to? 

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Now, each social media site becomes the digital storefront for every business, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google plus. 


And unfortunately there's a lot of businesses or fortunately for you, that don't pay attention and don't have access to our beta program in setting up the digital storefronts correctly. 

So they look like when someone comes, they're actually out of business and people go there, they look around, they just jump and they go to a competitor.

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So how has this Facebook page been engaging to us? So let me ask you real quick. This is typical, now this is a very prominent business in Atlanta named Peachtree smile center. And this is their page. So how is this Facebook page engaging us? What do you think? 


It's just a smile. It's not really telling us anything, is it? Well, the crazy thing is, if 80% of the Facebook cover is taking up the page, so this is literally like a free billboard that anyone can put anything on. But unfortunately 95% of all businesses have completely missed this huge opportunity. 

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What would you think of a company that did business like this? They had a huge billboard and a very busy highway with no branding. They'll call the action. No phone number, not even a logo. You think you're are pretty dumb, right? Well, this is exactly the type of marketing strategy that's implemented in Facebook and social media. No one's using this huge billboard they have and the most social media networks.

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Same with Twitter. Look at 50% of the entire page is taken up by their cover. 

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and then look at a Google plus. I mean this is absolute craziness. This is dentistry or prominent 

dentists company. We don't know. This is their lobby. This is a furniture store. This is a museum. We have no idea. There's zero value in taking up literally 60% of the cover page. 

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So it's pretty, pretty amazing. It's so amazing that I wanted to do a quick illustration for you. What would you think, you know, postcard Cipro, two to $3,000 to send out, you know, create a postcard and send out to the local area. So what do you think about the postcard that we sent out? Spent thousands of dollars and then a postcard like this came to your door. All right. What'd you think of that company? You were thinking we're going to get addicted to you cause you're spending your time looking at a postcard. I have no idea. What did you been saying? Well, that's the exact same strategy people are using in their social covers. 

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Same with Facebook, same with YouTube as well. You can see 

now these businesses have over 4,000 views though. So this is not like some, you know, they're really working hard. They created videos that get lots of views, but their cover is saying nothing about the company, no reputation to offer, no anything, no call to action, no engagement. And so even though they've got some good videos, most people would never even go there cause they're like, well this business probably is shut down probably out of business right now. 

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And so you can see before it's pretty faint and after where we can actually show offers and reputation mean complete social media makeover.

Slide 18

So the idea is simple. We make social media effective, allow businesses to use their free social cover billboard and how business is engaging, convert more customers online. And that's why we've created a beta program to help you do what only big companies can do because all your customers are using social media. 

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So the most effective social media strategy to show your brand consistently is to brand across all the social media networks. Does that make sense? Yeah. Right.

Slide 20

Well officially I want to welcome you to our beta program social cover so that you can Mark it and we can position you as a market leader. So what we're going to do is when you do professional design cover sets, we just said we've $1,200 and then once all the covers and then we'll do 12 social media posts for you. So over $1,800 in services.


Slide 21

So with your covers we can vary offer covers that sell your special offers or give discounts or promote giveaways we can do celebration covers that celebrate maybe holidays, a holiday coming up, celebrate a special occasion, maybe a special cause that you're concerned with.

Slide 22

or what we call rep covers. Promote your five star reputation or spotlighted customers' experience or promote your expertise in the industry, which would be great for the um, expose video we just did, or branding covers inspire buyer's experience. We could brand your slogan or unique selling proposition. We'd also showcase the product or other services that may be, and are not getting a lot of attention right now.

Slide 23

So our beta program gives you all the benefits without the major, no. All we need is one to confirm the company spelling and confirming phone number. just gonna spend five minutes accurately writing down all the information I need in order to get the covers done. Okay, good. 

Slide 24

Um, now our next step is technical sign off, we'll complete your social covers, release them to you, and it's a technical sign off meeting where you can review the social covers and approve them. At that time. I'll show you a strategy that you can use to leverage the covers to help you engage and convert more customers. Sound good when they say yes, they mean they're confirming that you can tell. It gives them a social media strategy. Some confronting the technical sign off date. That'd be Friday at two o'clock all right, sounds good. Do you have any more questions? All right, thanks for your time today. I'll get this into our queue. I look forward to seeing you on Friday at two o'clock. 

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