In this article we will list all the steps for the path to success with Rep Videos including the DFY Personal Secret Sales Strategies. 

Step 1: 

Review the Quickstart training for the Sales process Overview

Step 2: 

Review the Masterclasses with more details about the sales process: 

Masterclass 1

Masterclass 2

Masterclass 3 

Step 3:

Create a list of 20 warm leads, including businesses you Patron, Businesses recommended by friends and family members, businesses that are current clients, businesses that said no to a different offer, businesses referred by other businesses. Follow the Lead Gen Strategy to reach out with your offer. 

Step 4: 

Follow up with the leads to book a Pre-Production Call reading one of the following scripts: 


Book an appointment with any Decision Maker following this script

Decision Maker Voice Script

Learn more about Prospecting and Marketing Strategies HERE 

Step 5: 

Once on the Pre-Production Call, go through the Pre-Production presentation and make your one time offer: 

Pre-production slides 

Learn more about Trust Trigger Strategy HERE

Step 6: 

Once you make the one time offer for your prospect, make sure to ask for feedback, referrals and book the Technical Sign Off Meeting 

Step 7: 

During the Techical Sign Off meeting work through the Upsell slides and make your residual offer 

Technical Sign Off Slides 

Step 8:

Once you close a couple of residual sales, expand your reach to more leads using the Lead Kahuna strategy which helps find leads by simply entering an industry keyword (dentist, chiropractor, lawyer) and finding the lists of contacts with whom you can connect with. 

 If you do not have Lead Kahuna you can purchase it here 

Step 9: 

Start sending email marketing campaigns from a CRM of your choice or Prospect rocket using the Email Marketing Sequence: 

Email Scripts: