The Lead Gen Dashboard lets you start your Lead Gen Campaigns to get more clients in no time. This dashboard consists of different sections that will be discussed in this article.

You can select a section that you wish to learn more from the drop-down below:

LeadGen Campaign Summary

This summary displays the number of emails sent from the Rep Kahuna, emails opened, and the links that were clicked in the emails. It shows all the leads that you need to follow up, starting from the leads that got three flames to a lead that has only one.

Hottest Leads

The Hottest Leads displays the engagement of each lead. When you get three flames, it certainly shows that they have opened the email and clicked the linked which signals you that they are ready for conversation. These leads will be the ideal persons that you want to follow up with.

If the leads have two flames, that means that they opened the email but did not click the link yet. 

If the leads have a single flame, it means that they received the email from your campaign but did not open the email you have sent.

Updating Contact Details

Make sure that your email and phone number are updated. To do so, click the Settings button.

Update your contact details and click Save.

As soon as the lead opens up the email, you will receive an SMS notification or a call that will connect you to that company immediately. You can also receive an email notification depending on your settings.

The best results that you can get in communicating with your leads is when you follow up with the hot leads within the first 15 minutes after they opened the email.

Campaign List

Once you created a LeadGen Campaign, you will see all of your campaigns in one place on the dashboard. 

This table displays the campaign name itself, the status of the campaign, the number of opens and clicks, and a time stamp on when the lead took action. 


Aside from these stats, you have different actions that will help you manage each of your campaigns:

You can also click the campaign name to view the full details of the campaign.

If you have set up everything that is needed and ready to create your LeadGen Campain, click the Create LeadGen Campaign button and follow through the wizard.

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