In this article you will be able to learn about steps to setting up the agency wizard for Review Responder system. 

Step 1

On the first step of the Agency Wizard, you will be able to fill in the Agency Contact Information: First and Last name, Contact Email and Contact Phone number. Then we will ask for the Agency information: the Aency Name, Address, Phone number, Website url and the Timezone for your agency.
Step 2

On the second step of the Agency Wizard, we will ask about the delivery of the notifications from the system. You can receive alert every time there is a new lead either by email or by a text message. You will need to indicate the best phone number for texts and the best email for receiving the alerts as well as the best time to be contacted.  Step 3

On the thirst step we will ask to update your agency branding that will be used on the landing pages for your marketing outreach. You can upload a logo for your business, update the name of the Agency in the header or upload an image with your Agency name and a tag line. You will also be able to update the colors of the header to compliment your logo and match your preferred branding styles. Click SAVE once done. 

Step 4

On the last step, we will ask you to update your custom subdomain that would be provided to you for immediate use with landing pages as soon as your agency is set up. Simply select the name that would represent your agency the best: either add your agency name in the field for the branded subdomain, or the niche you will be targeting or anything else you think will represent your brand best.