It’s very important that anytime you are using your landing page anywhere, that you have three things on that page to protect both you and the people who are opting in for the information that is on your landing page.

The first is your Terms of Service (TOS). Go through the TOS section and make sure that everything is covered for your business and how you are set up to conduct business.

Next, you need to look at the Privacy Policy. This policy ensures that the information provided upon registration is kept private and confidential and will not be distributed, copied, or sold to anyone.

You also have warranties and disclaimers that you need to look through and make sure that it is for you.

Last but not least is the Cookie Popup, which is also a privacy policy which covers them when they put their information. You are going to show them the data collection and where these will be used for. The grounds of processing are also shown in this section.

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