This video demonstrates how to add a buyer's written review manually.

Principle: Buyer Written Review

Here we manually enter a 5 star review from one of your merchant’s customers

First select reviewer position. In this case you can choose from:

When you do so, it will queue up a spokesmodel that reads the script addressing the viewer by the specific title.

Example: Choose Guest

Step 1. Enter the reviewer’s full name / first name and last initials should you want to protect their last name.

Step 2. Enter in or paste the Written Review. You can edit the review if needed to make it grammatically correct.

Step 3. Select the Review Icon. You can choose anything you want or you can upload your own.

Step 4. Additionally you can choose to upload a Voice Over.

Step 5. Should you want to read someone the written review - over top of the display.

Step 6. Once everything is complete, click Next.

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